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Smart Lock Installation

Smart lock installation
1. The benefits of smart locks
1. Supervision and guardianship of children going to and from school.
Child safety is a huge market. At present, there are many smart hardware products in the field of child safety, which are mainly used to prevent children from being lost, such as children's smart watches, children's smart anti-lost shoes, children's smart story machines, and so on. The smart lock can also supervise whether the child goes home on time or whether the child is personally safe according to the child's entry and exit records, playing a dual role of supervision and protection. This is also a high-frequency normal use scenario of fingerprint password locks. Parents can easily achieve the purpose of supervision and protection of children without repurchasing smart hardware products.
2. Manage and supervise the healthy work and rest of the elderly.
You have a smart lock. The smart lock pushes the information about the elderly going home every day. You can check the visit records at any time. You can understand the work and rest of the elderly, and then infer whether the elderly is out or not. On this basis, you can roughly judge the physical health of the elderly, thereby reducing the probability of accidents in the elderly.
3. As a family safety center, prevent other safety incidents from happening.
In fact, each of us has many needs. People's demand for entertainment has made smart TVs the new favorite of the living room, and people's demand for basic safety can also give birth to a huge market space. It is not impossible to build a safe ecological chain of smart homes with smart locks as the entrance. For example, adding more sensors to the next-generation smart locks, when the indoor temperature is abnormal or a certain gas in the air exceeds the standard, the user's mobile phone will be remotely alarmed to prevent fire and gas explosion accidents. The application of smart locks will become more and more popular. The fingerprint lock is a high-tech product. Although our lives are constantly changing, the emergence of fingerprint locks makes our lives easier and faster.
4. The smart lock has a variety of ways to open the door, which is very flexible to use.
The emergence of smart fingerprint locks makes people feel more secure. Because the fingerprint lock brings people not only a kind of security, but also a kind of peace of mind. There are many ways to unlock, such as fingerprint opening, password input, swiping card and mechanical key opening.
Anyone can get started quickly, quickly, safely, conveniently and effectively to prevent passwords from being stolen. Fake passwords can be added at will before and after opening the door password, the system will automatically extract the real password smart lock products, and quickly enter the market, unexpectedly.
5. Smart lock installation skills
(1) Check the manual, and check all the accessories of the smart lock, check whether the accessories are complete, guide pieces, lock body, screws, etc.
(2) Determine the direction of unlocking your own door. And adjust the handle and bolt of the smart lock.
(3) Check whether the lock body guide piece matches the aperture size of the door. If it does not match, the guide piece needs to be replaced.
6. Precautions before installing the smart lock,
(1) See if the lock body can be fitted into the opening slot;
(2) Check whether the front and rear panels of the smart lock can completely cover the holes on the door. If they cannot be covered, they cannot be installed;
(3) There must be a certain distance between the rear panel and the door, otherwise it will affect the opening and closing of the door.
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