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Function of Home Electronic Electric Tuya App Wifi Smart Lock

Home Electronic Electric Tuya App Wifi Smart Lock Function
1. The lock you can see
When it comes to smart locks, the first thing we think of is security. Traditional door locks cannot see the situation outside the door in real time. We may be a little worried. After all, there are still many lawbreakers impersonating property personnel, so it is important to our property and personal safety. There is a threat. However, you don't have to worry and worry about installing the visual automatic smart lock. We can clearly see the situation outside the door
2. Voice function
The voice function not only reflects the high-end atmosphere, but is actually very practical when used. Especially if there are children or the elderly at home, they will be relatively unfamiliar with the operation of intelligent equipment at the beginning, but the fully automatic smart lock has voice prompts, so when the operation is wrong or cannot be operated, it can be normal by listening to the voice prompts. Open the lock and close the door.
3. Monitoring function
As a visual smart lock, it certainly has a monitoring function. When someone presses the doorbell, we can check the system first and it will take a snapshot of the visitors, so that we can quickly judge whether the door can be opened. In the case of property personnel registration or other unnecessary opening of the door, we can directly communicate with people outside the door through the system installed on the mobile phone. In addition, it is actually equivalent to installing a monitor at the door, and it is a very intelligent monitoring. It can not only record the situation outside the door for 24 hours, but also when encountering violence or normal impact, the smart lock will send out an alarm to remind you. .
4. Remote operation function
Remote operation is also a very distinctive feature of the visual automatic smart lock. When we are not at home, if parents or newcomers are visiting, we can perform remote operation to open it first. This can avoid the embarrassing situation of parents or relatives being locked out because we are not at home. When the child comes home from school, even if we are still at work, we can also remotely open the door for the child first.
Home Electronic Electric Tuya App Wifi Smart Lock
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