Low Voltage Circuit Breaker

The Zhechi Electric® DC Miniature low voltage Circuit Breaker, apply to rating current 63A/125A or less, Direct current rating voltage is 250V for 1/2/3/4 Pole. It is mainly used for the overloading and short circuit protection in DC distribution system Equipment and electric equipment. It can be widely used in electric, post, traffic, mining enterprise and different kinds of fields. In present China, our products in the case grade rating voltage is highest compared to the same products. Products according IEC60898, GB10963 standard.

Low Voltage Circuit Breaker features: 
1. Thermoplastic shell, full inlet, impact resistant, recyclable, self extinguishing.
2. Super safety: classic U tunnel terminal, to ensure that the line connection is solid and reliable.
3. The original air flow, can effectively reduce the temperature between adjacent circuit breaker.
4. Safety handle, classic original design, ergonomic.

ZHECHI has set up a professional technical team for more than ten years. The current team consists of more than 100 people, which has participated in the research and development, obtained 20 utility model patent certificates for the Low Voltage Circuit Breaker and 8 invention patent certificates. ZHECHI technical team has participated in the formulation of standards, 1 national and 2 industry. It has achieved that a full range of Low Voltage Circuit Breaker. have developed greatly, and the residual current circuit breakers as well.

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  • Our Main products made in China are floor cleaning brushes, latest selling the Zhechi Electric® Nt50 Mini Safety Circuit Breaker MCB, also include brush parts, such as metal ring for wafer, PP & nylon & wire filaments, plastic plate, etc.

  • As the professional manufacture, we would like to provide you high quality free sample for Dz47 DC Mini Circuit Breaker. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.The Zhechi Electric® Dz47 DC Mini Circuit Breaker series is used in lighting distribution system ormotor distribution system for protecting overload and short-circuitin the system.

  • The latest selling Zhechi Electric®1000vDC MCCB in stock with thermo-magnetic overload and short circuit release are used for photovoltaic installation from array combiner boxes to AC/DC inverter and main panel with excellent rating for both AC and DC applications.Also a complete range of accessories are provided upon request,such as shunt release, under-voltage release, auxiliary switch and alarm switch.

  • The Zhechi Electric® Solar Molded Case Circuit Breaker made in China is an industrial circuit breaker newly developed by ZHECHI according to the international standard.

  • Our Main products made in China are floor cleaning brushes, latest selling Zhechi Electric®Low Voltage DC Miniature Circuit Breaker, also include brush parts, such as metal ring for wafer, PP & nylon & wire filaments, plastic plate, etc.

  • High quality Zhechi Electric®Solar Photovoltaic System Circuit Breaker is offered by China manufacturer Wenzhou Zhechi Electric Co., Ltd.1P 2P 3P 4P DC 250V-1000V 10Solar Mini Circuit Breaker MCB Fuse PV System Solar Engery 3/6/10/16/20/25/32/40/50/63/80/100/125A Solar Photovoltaic System Circuit Breaker.

Zhechi Electric is specialized in manufacturing Low Voltage Circuit Breaker and is one of the Low Voltage Circuit Breaker manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our company has always focused on R&D and innovation, and is committed to creating the most practical Low Voltage Circuit Breaker. If you are worried, we can also give away 2 years warranty service. In stock, come buy it.
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