Solar Photovoltaic System Circuit Breaker
  • Solar Photovoltaic System Circuit BreakerSolar Photovoltaic System Circuit Breaker

Solar Photovoltaic System Circuit Breaker

High quality Zhechi Electric®Solar Photovoltaic System Circuit Breaker is offered by China manufacturer Wenzhou Zhechi Electric Co., Ltd.1P 2P 3P 4P DC 250V-1000V 10Solar Mini Circuit Breaker MCB Fuse PV System Solar Engery 3/6/10/16/20/25/32/40/50/63/80/100/125A Solar Photovoltaic System Circuit Breaker.

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Product Description

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Introduction of Solar Photovoltaic System Circuit Breaker:

It has protective function as shortage as overload, and are used in lighting distribution system in commerce and dwelling, and protect fractional electric motors. And they also have many merits of high protective grade(up to IP20), high breaking capacity, reliable sensitive action, convenient, multi pole assembling, long life ect.They are mainly adapted to the circuit of AC 50Hz, 250V in single pole, 415V in double, three, four poles for protecting overload and short circuit. Mean while, they are also used in turning on or off the electric apparatus and lighting circuit under the normal conditions.

Parameter of Solar Photovoltaic System Circuit Breaker

Standard EN60898(IEC60898) IEC60947-2
Rated current 1-63A
Rated Breaking capacity 6.0kA IEC60898(0.5~63A)
6,10,15kA IEC60947-2(0.5~63A)
Characteristic curve B,C,D
Max. fuse that can be connected to 100AgL(>10kA)
Selective grade 3
Working ambient temperature -5 ° ~+40°
Enclosed protective class IP20
Electrical life Not less than 8000 times
Mechanical life Not less than 20000 times
Crust grade rating current Imm(A) Pole Rating voltage(V) Rating current In(A) Rated limit short circuit capability OEM
Breaking current Icu(A) Time (ms)
63A 1 DC ~250V 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 10. 15. 16. 20. 25. 32. 40. 50. 63 6000 10 YES
2 DC ~500V 6000
3 DC ~750V
4 DC ~1000V

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