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  • Install the smart light switch: Follow the instructions of the smart light switch and install it on the wall to replace the traditional wall switch. If you are not familiar with circuit installation or need to change the wire connection, it is recommended to ask a professional electrician for installation.


  • Security After installing the fingerprint lock on the smart lock, it should not affect the function of using the anti-theft door. There is no obvious safety hazard in the lock. Stability is the most important indicator of a smart lock fingerprint lock. It usually takes more than one year of actual use before it will gradually stabilize and finalize. Consumers are best to choose manufacturers that mainly produce fingerprint locks when purchasing. Such enterprises generally have good production experience. R&D experience is the best stabilizing factor.


  • Low-voltage circuit breaker refers to the general term for circuit breakers mainly used to protect wiring and equipment in low-voltage circuits below AC600V and DC750V.


  • The digital display T/H controller has one temperature control and one humidity control. It can monitor the temperature and humidity of the measured environment in real time. Make the ambient temperature and humidity meet the working requirements, and can effectively prevent condensation.


  • Smart switch refers to the combination and programming of control board and electronic components to realize intelligent circuit switch control unit.


  • Some smart locks have a variety of security alarm functions, such as lock picking alarm, multiple trial and error alarm, false cover/forget to close alarm, low battery reminder, etc., can sound to remind users, or use sound and light alarm to scare off in emergency situations Criminals. The smart lock will also send warning information to the user's mobile APP in real time.