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How Smart Light Switches Control Lights

How Smart Light Switches Control Lights

Install the smart light switch: Follow the instructions of the  smart light switch and install it on the wall to replace the traditional wall switch. If you are not familiar with circuit installation or need to change the wire connection, it is recommended to ask a professional electrician for installation.
Connect the  smart light switch: In the smart home system or mobile app, follow the corresponding guide to pair the smart switch with the system. This usually involves creating a new device in the app, then following the instructions to bind the switch to the app.
Configure light settings: In the smart home system or mobile app, navigate to the corresponding device settings page, there will usually be an icon or label that represents the light associated with the smart light switch. On this setting page, you can make various settings, such as naming, dimming (if the smart switch supports dimming function), etc.
Control the lights: Once the smart switch is properly connected and configured, you can use your smart home system or phone app to control the lights. This usually includes turning on/off switches, adjusting brightness, setting timed on/off, etc. You can control the status of the lights through voice commands (if your smart home system supports it), an app, or even remote control.

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