Solar Distribution Junction Boxes
  • Solar Distribution Junction BoxesSolar Distribution Junction Boxes

Solar Distribution Junction Boxes

We are a professional manufacturer of the Zhechi Electric®Solar Distribution Junction Boxes is PV combiner box for the on-grid solar system with 12 experience. We are committed to the quality and innovation of our products. Our factory comply with ISO 9001 Standard and all products are qualified by Intertek with CE and CB Certificate. MOQ is 1 pc.

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Introduction of  The Zhechi Electric® Solar Distribution Junction Boxes

1. In the solar power system, in order to decrease the connecting line, easy maintenance, reduce losses, optimize system structure, improving the safety and reliability of items, the PV combiner box is usually in need between the solar panels and inverter.

2. Except the PV junction function, the pc combiner box should also have reverse current prevention, over-current protection, over-voltage protection, lightning protection, etc a series of perfect protection functions, meanwhile, checking the running state, current, voltage, and power after the junction, arrester state, collection of DC circuit breaker state and Arc detection, leakage detection(optional) and so on.

3. The PV combiner box we manufacture is equipped with all the functions mentioned above, configuration with on-grid/off-grid solar inverter to make up a complete set of solar power systems.

4. When choosing the PV combiner box, based on the input dc voltage range and output power of inverter, certain qty of panels will be connected in series as a string, certain strings in parallel will connect to the PV combiner box for junction, via control of circuit breaker and protection of arrester, then feed to the inverter.

Main Feature of Solar Distribution Junction Boxes

1. Conform to CGC/GF002:2010, PV Array Junction Box Technical Specifications

2. Allowable maximum 24 strings panels to connect, Nominal voltage of each string is 10A, maximum 15A

3. Total output current is 250A, the maximum voltage is 1000Vdc

4. For each string, high voltage fuse protection, and anti-connection protection.

5. Equipped with PV high voltage arrester protection

6. PV high voltage circuit breaker control the output, pressure-resistant DC1200V, fusing current is optional

7. In line with outdoor installation, protection class IP65

8. Isolate RS485 port used for remote data communication, support MODBUS-RTU protocol.

9. Built-in comprehensive protection alarm function, not only the variety of alarm parameters are programmable set, but also each alarm function can be set "On" Or "Off)

10. Real-time the harmful arc in the DC circuit, once there is the harmful arc, an alarm will work and directly make the trip switch and cut off fault circuit, accordingly, prevent the fire disaster, etc from the arc.

Parameter for Solar Photovoltaic DC Combiner Box

Model CSPVB/24-1
Electric parameter
System maximum DC voltage 1000V
Maximum input current for each string 15A
Maximum input strings 24
Maximum output switch current 360A
Maximum inverter MPPT N
Number of Output strings 1
Lightning protection
Category of test Grade 2 protection
Nominal discharge current 20kA
Maximum discharge current 40kA
Voltage protection level 3.8kV
Maximum continuous operating voltage Uc 1050V
Poles 3P
Structure characteristic Plug-push module
Protection grade IP65
Size of the input waterproof terminal PG9/PG11
Size of the output waterproof terminal PG21~PG29
Output switch DC circuit breaker (standard)/
DC isolation switch (optional)
MC4R Waterproof Connectors Standard
PV DC fuse Standard
PV surge protector Standard
Monitoring module(optional) Detect current of each channel, bus voltage, the status of circuit breaker and lightning protector, box temperature
Auxiliary power supply Auxiliary power supply: AC85V~265V
Communication mode/protocol(optional) RS485 bus/standard MODBUS-RTU protocol
Prevent-reverse function (optional) Can be equipped with a modularized and encapsulated prevent-reverse diode
Box material Hot galvanized steel/stainless steel/cold rolled sheet
Installation method Wall mounting type
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ + 85°C
Altitude 4km
Permissible relative humidity 0-95%, no condensation no corrosive gas
Mechanical parameter
Width x High x Depth (mm)

Solar Distribution Junction Boxes

Solar Distribution Junction Boxes

Solar Distribution Junction Boxes

Solar Distribution Junction Boxes

Solar Distribution Junction Boxes

Solar Distribution Junction Boxes

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