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  • Low-voltage circuit breaker refers to the general term for circuit breakers mainly used to protect wiring and equipment in low-voltage circuits below AC600V and DC750V.


  • The digital display T/H controller has one temperature control and one humidity control. It can monitor the temperature and humidity of the measured environment in real time. Make the ambient temperature and humidity meet the working requirements, and can effectively prevent condensation.


  • Smart switch refers to the combination and programming of control board and electronic components to realize intelligent circuit switch control unit.


  • Some smart locks have a variety of security alarm functions, such as lock picking alarm, multiple trial and error alarm, false cover/forget to close alarm, low battery reminder, etc., can sound to remind users, or use sound and light alarm to scare off in emergency situations Criminals. The smart lock will also send warning information to the user's mobile APP in real time.


  • This type of smart lock actually appeared many years ago. It was a combination lock at first, and then a door lock with a magnetic card appeared. In recent years, with the development of biometric technology, fingerprint recognition, human Face recognition and other new door locks.


  • The main functions of smart socket outlet are: overload protection, automatic switch, remote control switch, energy saving, voice control and so on.


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