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Sketch the principle and application of photovoltaic Combiner Box

The combiner box is a complete set of devices to ensure the orderly connection and confluence function of photovoltaic strings in the photovoltaic power generation system. Generally equipped with surge protector, leakage protector, isolating switch, fuse, etc., to provide isolation, leakage and grounding protection, to ensure that the photovoltaic system is easy to cut off the circuit during maintenance and inspection, and to reduce the scope of power outage when the photovoltaic system fails, improve PV system performance.

DC combiner box is generally used in medium and large photovoltaic power generation systems. Users connect a certain number of photovoltaic modules of the same specification in series to form photovoltaic arrays, and then connect several photovoltaic arrays in parallel to the photovoltaic combiner box to connect. The centralized input and group connection of multi-channel output cables not only makes the connection orderly, but also facilitates group inspection and maintenance. When a partial failure of the photovoltaic module array occurs, it can be partially separated and repaired without affecting the connection of the overall power generation system.
The box body of zhechi combiner box is made of engineering plastic material, with beautiful appearance, strong and durable, simple and convenient installation, the protection level reaches IP65 or above, waterproof and dustproof, and meets the requirements of long-term outdoor use.
Internal devices can be customized according to user needs, with 2 to 16 types of various types, which are widely used in household and industrial and commercial photovoltaic power generation systems.
zhechi Electric has also developed products such as AC-DC integrated machines, grid-connected boxes, etc. As an industry expert in the field of photovoltaic and DC safety, zhechi will continue to work hard on this track to provide safer and more effective solutions for the photovoltaic industry.

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