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MCB successfully passed TUV and EU CE certification

Recently,  WENZHOU ZHECHI ELECTRIC CO.,LTD Non-polarity DC Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCB) passed TUV and EU CE Authentication successfully, making zhechi the first and the only PV switches manufacturer in China certified with international certifications for its full range of Non-polarity high & low voltage products. zhechi Non-polarity DC MCB is mainly integrated to hybrid inverters, off-grid inverters, separating AC coupling inverters and battery packs, or installed between DC distribution electric wires/batteries and power controllers. The MCB Series is applied for breaking and protection of DC systems in photovoltaic and energy-storage.
Miniature circuit breakers are terminal protection electric equipment. They’re widely used in building electric terminal distribution device. With the increase of DC applications, especially the increase of residential and distributed DC PV applications, demands for DC MCB are increasing.
Most traditional DC MCB products are with polarity, which means it is quite inconvenient and dangerous during installation even low cost. The electric circuit cannot be broken efficiently to protect the system, if polarity installation failure occurs. While energy storage systems need to be protected safely on charging & discharging. In order to eliminate the electric arc between moving contact and fixed contact, arc strike and arc extinguish chamber structure are required. Magnets for arc suppression are used in conventional arc strike and arc extinguish chamber structure. This brings polarity limitations on miniature circuit breakers. 
Therefore, Non-polarity MCB is eagerly required from the market. zhechi researched and developed the specific non-polarity DC MCB to avoid personal injury and property loss caused by polarity installation failure. It has the features of reliable arc & arc suppression, simple structure, easy installation and without considering the polarity. By changing clearance between moving contact and fixed contact, shortening electric arc jump distance, increasing arc coil, zhechi Non-polarity DC MCB series make DC arc in either direction into arc extinguish chamber successfully to cut off the fault.
Non-polarity DC MCB depends on new miniature circuit breaker arc suppression system. It solves the problems of traditional MCB, like complicated structure and ineffective arc suppression. Its enclosure will be broken by hot gas in arc suppression. While Non-polarity DC MCB will increase the arc voltage once the electric arc is brought to the arc extinguish chamber through magnetic blowout and the arc is cut into small pieces by the arc extinguish chamber. There’s a powerful magnet in each static wafer in this new system. When the electricity passes through, the magnets produce lateral force according to Left Hand Rule to break the arc.
According to the application of Non-polarity DC MCB, zhechi provides high voltage circuit breaker (zsBS-H) and low voltage circuit breaker (zsBS-L) to choose. For zsBS-H series, maximum rated voltage can reach to 1000VDC and rated current to 63A. And for BS-L series, maximum rated voltage reaches to 160VDC and rated current to 125A. These two kinds of circuit breakers are mainly integrated into hybrid inverters, off-grid inverters, separating AC coupling inverters and battery packs, or installed between DC distribution electric wires/batteries and power controllers. PEzs-H and zsBS-L can also be mounted into a switch box with enclosure protection class IP66 to realize external use (Weatherproof Enclosure zsBS-L or Weatherproof Enclosure zsBS-H). Besides their excellent non-polarity performance advantages, zhechi MCB series have perfect protection functions of short circuit & overload and high short circuit breaking capacity. With its scientific mechanism of arc suppression and current limiting, zhechi DC MCB is able to realize quick switch-off of fault current on DC side to ensure the reliable operation of DC system and perfectly match PV, energy storage and other DC applications.
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