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Congratulations to Zhechi! Successfully promoted to the top 20 of China's good solar projects!

After more than a month of sea elections!

In the good project in China held in Guiyang in September 2019, Wenzhou Zhechi Electric Co., Ltd. focused on green new energy smart home and focused on innovation, and prepared with full confidence to force other competitors on the spot, not only won the applause of the audience, but also Scored a high score in the game.

The China Good Project Sea Elections kicked off in Guiyang, the capital of innovation and the world's crowdfunding industry. Industry experts, host organization leaders, China's good project partners and investment institutions and on-site media friends participated in and witnessed the event.

The China Good Project was initiated by the China Enterprise Roadshow Investment Management Center. The World Crowdfunding Executive Committee, the Guiyang Crowdfunding Financial Exchange, and the China Enterprise Roadshow Investment Management Center co-sponsored a large-scale socialized innovation for all types of entrepreneurial innovation projects. Draft & Road Show Competition.

The full name of the event is “China Good Project and Business Leader (Guiyang) Financial Innovation Visiting Exchange Group” referred to as “China Good Project”. Since the official launch of the first quarter, nearly 1,000 companies and project participants have participated in financial innovation exchange activities.

After more than a month of sea elections, Wenzhou Zhechi Electric Co., Ltd.. stood out from the competition and entered the top 20 of China's good projects with several other outstanding enterprises.

On September 5, 2019, the final evaluation was held in the multi-purpose hall of the China Good Project in Guiyang.
General Manager Chen of SUNWAY Power, gave a speech on behalf of the company.

In the speech, Mr. Chen mentioned that at the beginning of the development of Wenzhou Zhechi Electric Co., Ltd. , it aimed at the industrial and commercial rooftop photovoltaic power generation system, distributed ground photovoltaic power station, small solar off-grid energy storage power supply . combiner boxes, SPD ,smart home and other system integration fields.

Experts and professors with years of experience in wind power and photovoltaic power generation as product development consultants and technical guidance. And with the development of the company, it has independently cultivated a research and development team with deep professional knowledge and rich experience in the field of wind power system and photovoltaic power generation system. At the same time, it has extensive and in-depth cooperation with experts and professors from universities and colleges such as Hefei University of Technology and Anhui University of Technology.

In-depth research and innovation in technologies such as off-grid wind power control power supply, photovoltaic power generation control power supply (MPPT solar controller), off/grid inverter, and portable solar mobile power supply. At present, he has a number of intellectual property rights, and has obtained more than 30 national patents, 2 software works certificates, a number of national testing institutions test certificates, and CE and SGS certifications for export to the European Union.

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