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What are the main functions of a smart socket outlet?

The main functions of smart socket outlet are: overload protection, automatic switch, remote control switch, energy saving, voice control and so on.
1, the smart socket outlet is equipped with lightning, high voltage, overload and leakage prevention functions. Once there is an instant lightning induction into the high voltage, the socket will automatically absorb lightning induction high voltage, beyond the range of the socket itself can be absorbed, the intelligent socket will automatically power off;
2, static, that is, when the socket is not used, the socket has no power output, the socket at this time the working indicator light is not bright, is no power state. At this time, the electrode in the socket is completely disconnected from the power supply, which has high safety.
3, the socket will automatically connect the power supply after receiving the infrared signal, and the electrical appliances can be used normally.
4, close the electrical smart socket outlet after the internal intelligent dual-core IC chip will detect current changes online to achieve a period of time (30S, 5 minutes, 30 minutes, etc.) after the automatic power, at this time, the socket on the working indicator light off, restore no power state.

smart socket outlet is commonly said to save electricity consumption of a socket, the concept of energy saving socket has been generated a long time ago, has been developed more widely, but the technology is still waiting for progress. Some high-grade energy saving sockets not only save electricity, but also protect electrical appliances, through Wifi, Bluetooth and other ways to connect to handheld devices, the main function is remote switch, voice control.

smart socket outlet

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