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What is the difference between a smart circuit breaker and a regular circuit breaker?


How to really prevent electrical fire hazards? While human beings use electricity to bring convenience, electricity also brings unbearable harm to human beings. No matter in life or production, safe use of electricity to prevent electrical fire accidents is related to people's livelihood, and electricity safety has been urgent. Smart circuit breaker is a collection of traditional circuit breaker, electric meter, leakage protection, surge protection, timer, over/under voltage protection, multifunctional instrument distribution equipment, a variety of functions in one, let electricity safety further. So, how to distinguish between smart circuit breaker and ordinary circuit breaker.

smart circuit breaker

The traditional circuit breaker adopts thermal and magnetic protection release, that is, the transient protection is completed by the electromagnetic coil, and the long delay protection is completed by the bimetallic sheet heating principle.
Later developed a semiconductor tripping device, use voltage comparator as a protective action device, but it is still analog circuit, not to speak of intelligence. It was not developed because it had no advantage over the thermomagnetic model.
Intelligent circuit breaker adopts high quality impact resistant, high flame retardant material, nylon material with strong impact resistance; Tripping mechanism with free tripping design, with bimetallic sheet overload reverse time tripping protection and short circuit instantaneous tripping protection function; It can monitor current, voltage, temperature, power, power factors and electricity in real time. It can alarm or trip when encountering undervoltage, overload, overcurrent, overtemperature, ignition, short circuit and other faults to prevent electrical fire.
Intelligent circuit breaker can be combined with intelligent gateway. Through mobile phone APP, it can easily link home air conditioning, fresh air, water and electricity, smart door lock and other equipment, realizing intelligent control of equipment, energy control, intelligent switching of home scene, ensuring safe electricity consumption and meeting the needs of intelligent users. This is today's talk, "distinguish between smart circuit breakers and ordinary circuit breakers" method
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