Hot Runner Digital Temperature Controller
  • Hot Runner Digital Temperature ControllerHot Runner Digital Temperature Controller

Hot Runner Digital Temperature Controller

We are one of one of leading and professional Zhechi Electric®Hot Runner Digital Temperature Controller Rubber & Plastic machinery, products manufacturers and supplier for Truck tyre, Car tyre, Off-the-Road Tyres, MCT, Wheels, Plastic machinery, hot runner system, Pipe, wheelbarrow & Tools etc

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Product Description

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Function of Hot Runner Digital Temperature Controller

1.Using FUZZ + PIDD control technology, it can Automatically adjust the correct PID value, adapt to any heating model, and greatly improve work efficiency.

2. automatic environmental linear temperature compensation, making the controller temperature value more accurate.

3. error monitoring, the controller detects the temperature sensor (thermocouple) open, reverse, short Road heating elements are short-circuited, fuses are open-circuited, etc., and timely melittin alarms to remind operators.

4. heater output circuit monitoring.

5. View the output percentage

6. temperature deviation alarm

7. Leakage error monitoring

8. manual power output mode

9.soft start lock function

10. comprehensive error indication output, you can easily find the current failure cause

11. the wrong wire protection function, heating wire, temperature sensing wire will not burn the heating element

12. high temperature, high pressure alarm function

13. screen display J / K type, J type, K type are interchangeable

Features of Hot Runner Digital Temperature Controller

1. Integrated construction permits easy disassembly.

2. Adopt galvanized steel sheet. Light and handy. High capacity of anticorrosion and antirust.

3. The card size and electric interface can be compatible with other brands such as YUDO, Athena, DME, PCS, INCOE.

4. Adopt gold-plated card slot and machine to pressure wielding. Make sure the signals are connected reliably between box and card.

5. The type of heavy load connections and wiring method can be custom-made.

6. Adopt cold pressing terminals between wires and heavy load connections to make sure the signals are connected reliably.

7. 1 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 24 zones for customers to select.

8. Thermocouple input protection, prevent module damaged by mis-connection

9. Thermocouple & heater inverse protection, prevent thermocouple damaged by mis-connection

10. Soft-start mode, avoid the humidity make the heater burn out

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