Digital Floor Heating Thermostat
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Digital Floor Heating Thermostat

Our Main products from China are floor cleaning brushes, the Zhechi Electric® Digital Floor Heating Thermostat, also include brush parts, such as metal ring for wafer, PP & nylon & wire filaments, plastic plate, etc.

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Product Description

China Digital Floor Heating Thermostat with 2 Years Warranty

Description of Digital Floor Heating Thermostat

The Zhechi Electric® Digital Floor Heating Thermostat is to control floor heating, automatically switches the system on to ensure a comfortable floor temperature. It calculates when the heating is to be switched on to obtain the right temperature.

Feature for Digital Floor Heating Thermostat

Large LCD display
Energy saving up to 30%
Can switch up to 16 amps,(24vAC, 230vAC, 120vAc available)
Can be either an air only / floor only / Air & Floor
7 day programmable (each day can be set different).
4 set points per day
Temporary override and vacation mode
Blue back light illumination (optional)
Casing available in white,silver,black color
F / C temperature format optional
equipped with air and floor sens
Back light turning on/off time can be set
Floor temperature limit
Switching differential setting
Customizing welcome
12/24 Hour clock format optional
programmes and settings can be reserved after power break
2 year warranty

Technical Data for Digital Floor Heating Thermostat

Supply voltage: 230vac

Ouput switching capability: 16A resistive

Temp range:5~35 deg C

Floor range: 5-40 deg C

Clock function: 4-event program

Battery backup: 1x Cr1220 3V

Ambient temp:0~+40 deg C

On/off differential:0.5 deg C

Protective Housing: IP20

Housing material: PC

Sensor type: NTC10K

Approvals: CE

Warranty: 2 years

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