DC 1000v Surge Protective Device
  • DC 1000v Surge Protective DeviceDC 1000v Surge Protective Device

DC 1000v Surge Protective Device

The Zhechi Electric® DC 1000v Surge Protective Device made in China is suitable for the new energy wind power generation system,its working voltage covers 500V,800V and 1000V.It is installed in the main power system at DC circuit,to protect against the indirect lighting current,direct lighting current or other instantaneous over voltage.

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Product Description

China Cheap DC 1000v Surge Protective Device In Stock

Features of The Zhechi Electric® DC 1000v Surge Protective Device:

a.Module design, convenient installation,with easy electric maintains operation

b.Built-in over current and over heat, temperature control open circuit technology

c.Adopt independent intelligence property right and high performance sensitivity resistance plates

d.Small creepage current,fast response time, remnant low voltage

e.With remote connection, can realize remote control

Technical Data of The Zhechi Electric® DC 1000v Surge Protective Device

solar surge protector ZC-PV600 MR-PV1000
PV DC specific (IEC 6614-1/EN 61643-11)
Pole 2 pole 3 pole
Electrical Parameter
Classifical test II II
Uoc max (V DC) 550 600 800 1000
Uc (V DC) 550 600 1000 1000
In(8/20)us (KA) 20 20
Imax(8/20)us (KA) 40 40
Up (KV) 2 3.8
Remote control and indication
Indication window
Plug-in module
Remote signal contact
Remote signal contact Max working volt 250V AC/30V DC 250V AC/30V DC
Max working amp 1A (250V/AC) 1A (250V/AC) 1A (250V/AC)
1A (30V DC) 1A (30V DC) 1A (30V DC)
Wiring & installation
Wiring capacity(mm2) Hard wire 4-25mm 4-25mm
Flexible wire 4-16mm 4-16mm
Stripping length 10 10
Terminal screwa M5 M5
Torque(Nm) Main ciruit 3.5 3.5
Remote signal contact 0.25 0.25
Protection class All profile IP40 IP40
Connection port IP20 IP20
Installation environment No obvious shock and vibration
Altitude(m) ≤ 2000 ≤ 2000
Working temperature 67 67
Relative humidity 30%-90% 30%-90%
How to install Install with H35-7.5/DIN35 stell mounting rail
Size(mm) (W*H*L) W 36 54
H 90 90
L 48.5 48.5
Weight (KG) 0.28 0.42
Nominal PV system volt 600V 1000V 1200V
MCOV(UCPV) 700V DC 1170V DC 1200V DC
Max system discharge Current (8/20us) (Imax) 40KA 40KA 30KA
Volt protection leve (UP) ≤ 2.5KV ≤ 4.0KV ≤ 4.5KV
Volt protection Level at 5KA (UP) ≤ 2.0KV ≤ 3.5KV ≤ 4.0KV
Integrate fuse breaking capacity/interrupting rating 30KA/1000V DC 30KA/1000V DC 30KA/1200V DC
Technology Short-circuit interruption (SCI) overcurrent protection
Operating temperature range -40 to +80
Nominal discharge current 12.5KA
Response time (ta) <25ns
Operating state/fault indication Green (good) / Red (replace)
Mounting 35mm DIN Rail per EN 60715
Degree protection IP20
capacity 3 modules DIN 43880

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