Smart Home

The Zhechi Electric® Smart home automation is "The Internet of Things" . It simply means the way all devices or appliances are networked together to provide users with a seamless control over their home equipment.

Sonoff is an affordable WiFi smart switch that provides users with smart home control. It is a remote control power switch that can connect to a wide range of appliances. Sonoff WiFi electrical switch transmits data to a cloud platform through the WiFi Router, which enables users to remotely control all the connected appliances, via the mobile application eWeLink. 
The server of Sonoff WiFi switch is Amazon AWS global server. Sonoff WiFi controlled switch makes all home appliances smart. As long as the mobile has network, smart home made in China users can remotely control the appliances by turning them on off from anywhere at any time. Smart home Another feature available is to set timing schedules for the appliances, which can include countdown on/off, scheduled on/off, and can thus, help users maintain an easy life.
The mobile application eWeLink enables users to control the appliances easily. The iOS version of the application can be downloaded in App Store while the Android version in Google Play.

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  • We are a professional manufacturer which specializes in kinds of The Zhechi Electric® Wireless Security Automatic Door Time Lock. Main products include iron doors, household doors.Interior door, wooden door, room apartment door, rental room door, office door special lock.

  • The Zhechi Electric® Home Electronic Electric Tuya App Wifi Smart Lock made by China manufacturers which is of low price is the latest Bluetooth-enabled access control and access control system, which provides access by using your smartphone's Bluetooth connection.

  • The latest selling Zhechi Electric® Waterproof Wifi App Access Control Reader Door Lock made in China is the latest Bluetooth Enabled Door Access and Entry Control System Provides Access by Using your smartphone bluetooth connection.

  • The Zhechi Electric® Digital Fingerprint Door Lock made by China factory is the latest smart fingerprint BLE control system door lock of in 2020. It has a simplified appearance design and convenient WiFi App management system. Hold the handle and press fingerprint to unlock in one step. It will bring the amazing experience of smart life. This lock can also be used for wooden and security doors, and fits all kinds of mortise.

  • We are a professional manufacturer of The Zhechi Electric® Remote Control Tuya Smart Door Lock with 12 experience. We are committed to the quality and innovation of our products. Our factory comply with ISO 9001 Standard and all products are qualified by Intertekwith CE and CB Certificate. MOQ is 1 pc.

  • The Zhechi Electric® Home Wifi Digital Lock made in China with 2 years warranty is suitable for AC 50/60Hz, rated voltage 230V/400V, rated current to 125A line for protection against overload, short circuit and isolation; also as a smart reclosing breaker, also has a function of mobile phone worldwide remote control on/off circuit, timing on/off circuit, delay on/off circuit, cycle on/off circuit.

Zhechi Electric is specialized in manufacturing Smart Home and is one of the Smart Home manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our company has always focused on R&D and innovation, and is committed to creating the most practical Smart Home. If you are worried, we can also give away 2 years warranty service. In stock, come buy it.
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