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The advantage of the smart switch

The smart switch is single live line input, no need to add zero line, easy installation;

Noctilucent touch, not dark; Energy saving, environmental protection, intelligent on-off

Multi control, remote control, time control, temperature control, induction control, etc

When the load does not exceed the action current, it can maintain power supply for a long time (i.e. basic function);

The overall dimension and installation are the same as those of ordinary switches / sockets; Forcibly reset the power supply without completely eliminating the fault, and automatically repeat the power failure and alarm;

After the faulty circuit is cut off, the operation of other circuits will not be affected.

The smart switch is technically perfect, so the transmission speed, stability and anti-interference ability are very good.

The smart switch has a reasonable circuit safety design in the design concept to avoid losses such as short circuit and burning of the switch.

The product has the advantages of small power loss, fast heat dissipation and long service life.

The quality control of products is very strict, and it is resolutely implemented in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO9002. High quality electronic components are used inside the product.

The key points of intelligent switch are good stability, fast transmission speed and strong anti-interference ability. The intelligent switch uses a special signal line alone, which is not interfered by other radiation clutter such as power line and radio, and the operation stability of the product is very strong. The stability of performance will determine the speed and anti-interference ability of transmission signal