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Causes of Tuya Wifi Circuit Breaker Tripping

This article describes the reason for the Tuya Wifi Circuit Breaker trip
1. Overload trip: Overload trip is different from short circuit trip. Overload trip requires a certain time limit, ranging from a few seconds to a few minutes. The tripping time depends on the size of the MCB capacity, and the fault will appear after re-changing the line. NS,
2. It may be caused by the selection of too fine wire or the too small capacity of the circuit breaker. In fact, the selection of wires and circuit breakers are calculated according to the actual power consumption, and the circuit breaker should not be mixed with other electrical appliances.
3. Leakage trip: Leakage trip has a very obvious feature, its action part is on the protection device on the right side of the leakage protection, while the tripping position is on the left side of the leakage protection device. When leakage occurs, the experimental button of the leakage protection device on the right will pop up. If it is not reset, the circuit breaker cannot be closed.
4. The detection method is very simple, that is, plug in the household appliances one by one, and which one of the leakage protection trips, which is the leakage phenomenon.
Tuya Wifi Circuit Breaker
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