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smart locks have a variety of security alarm functions

Some smart locks have a variety of security alarm functions, such as lock picking alarm, multiple trial and error alarm, false cover/forget to close alarm, low battery reminder, etc., can sound to remind users, or use sound and light alarm to scare off in emergency situations Criminals. The smart lock will also send warning information to the user's mobile APP in real time.

Coercion alarm: When the user is coerced by the bad guy to open the door at the door, he can enter the specific coercion alarm password or fingerprint set before, and the door will be opened normally, so that the bad guy will not find the abnormality, but the smart door lock will secretly warn the user. The mobile phone APP or other pre-set channels send alarm information, so that the family members can come to the rescue quickly.

Staying alarm: If the set time is exceeded, and it has been detected that someone moves at the door, the alarm will be issued. If someone stays outside the door for more than 20 seconds without opening the door or leaving, the smart electronic cat's eye will automatically alarm the owner and record a video, and then push it to the owner's mobile client to remind the owner and suspicious persons outside the door.

Anti-Small Black Box: A small black box is a device that emits electromagnetic pulses that can interfere or even destroy electronic equipment. Some low-end smart door locks that do not meet safety standards have insufficient electromagnetic shielding, and will crash and restart when attacked by a small black box, thereby automatically unlocking. The standard smart door lock has enough electromagnetic shielding and better security design, and will not be cracked by the small black box to open the door.

AI intelligent learning: The intelligent door lock with AI intelligent learning can continuously update and learn during the user's unlocking process, improve the accuracy and speed of unlocking step by step, continuously reduce the false rejection rate, improve the fingerprint recognition rate, and make the smart door lock more and more used. Hurry up, the more you use it, the easier it gets.

Anti-pet accidental opening: double induction unlocking in the door, you need to hold the induction area behind the handle, and press the door button at the same time to unlock the door. In this way, it can prevent pets from opening doors and prevent cat-eye unlocking.

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